AM slams ‘lack of transparency’ over delays.

The Welsh government has been criticised for ongoing delays to its planned high-speed broadband rollout.

Winners of the contracts to connect more than 80,000 homes were due to be announced last month, but Cabinet Minister Julie James said "unforeseen issues" had led to the "complex process" being delayed.

In response, Russell George, AM for Montgomeryshire and Conservative Economy Spokesman, said: "This worrying lack of transparency on behalf of the Welsh government is totally unacceptable."

"Phase 1 of the Superfast Cymru scheme finished in February and there are thousands of premises which remain stranded."

Mr George went on to state that there has now been a six-month gap between the two phases of the Superfast Cymru project.

"With very little detail on when the next contract will be awarded, not alone implemented, this is nothing short of a shambles," he said.

Mr George added that he will be looking for "immediate answers" from the Welsh government as soon as the Assembly returns in September.

A spokesperson for the Welsh government noted that the Superfast Cymru scheme has "successfully changed the digital landscape in Wales".

However, the official acknowledged there is "more to do" in reaching the premises that have not benefited and said the government is currently working on how to do this.

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