Millions of people ‘misled’ by broadband providers.

Millions of broadband customers in the UK are receiving an internet connection that is less than what they expected to receive from their broadband provider.

According to a survey commissioned by CityFibre, almost one-quarter (24 per cent) of 3,400 respondents believed they had purchased a fibre-to-the-premises deal from their provider, despite only three per cent of UK residents currently receiving this service.

Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds (65 per cent) of those questioned were under the impression their internet connection no longer relied on copper cables, but these are still very common throughout Britain.

It is therefore clear that millions of broadband customers are being misled by their broadband provider, and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is being called upon to clamp down on this practice across the board. 

Darren Kilburn, Principal Consultant of Policy at independent telecoms advisory firm FarrPoint, said that he is concerned this misleading behaviour from ISPs could have much more serious consequences beyond consumers being let down.

"The real problem, of which fibre advertising is but a part, is the shocking acceptance of the 'less than' service currently delivered by our broadband providers," Mr Kilburn stated.

"This less speed, less reliability and less satisfaction approach to broadband has a knock-on impact not only on businesses, but also on social inclusion and wider economic development."

He added that the telecoms industry should immediately know there is an issue when a co-axial cable is shown alongside the word 'fibre' in an advertisement.

CityFibre has been a vocal critic of the ASA in recent months, following its ruling that using the term "fibre broadband" in adverts for part-fibre services is not materially misleading.

The company is now gearing up for a judicial review of the regulations, which it has described as "lax", after being given permission to proceed by the High Court.

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