Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphone up for grabs with fibre packages.

Virgin Media is offering Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones along with several of its fibre broadband packages.

Among the deals including the freebie is the Virgin Media VIVID 100 Unlimited Ultrafast Fibre Broadband & Phone option.

This 12-month contract offers an average broadband speed of 108Mbps and unlimited downloads. 

The package costs £32 a month and no set-up fee, which works out to a total contract discount of £156.

Subscribers can choose one of two freebies – either the headphones or £50 bill credit.

Alternatively, consumers could sign up for the Virgin Media VIVID 350 Unlimited Ultrafast Fibre Broadband & Phone package.

This option boasts an average broadband speed of 362Mbps plus unlimited downloads.

With a monthly fee of £42 and no set-up costs, subscribers will save £156 across the 12 months of the contract, which again offers the headphones or £50 bill credit as an incentive to sign up.

The same freebies are available with the Virgin Media Player TV Bundle, Unlimited Superfast Fibre Broadband & Phone package – a 12-month deal that offers average speeds of 54Mbps and no limit on data usage.

This costs £32 plus no set-up cost, thereby saving customers £192 over the full year.

Credits | USwitch


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