Provider wants to extend fibre network to 50 UK locations by 2019.

Hyperoptic has reaffirmed its commitment to deploying gigabit speed broadband infrastructure across the UK.

According to Chief Executive Dana Tobak, Hyperoptic has "hugely grown" over the last five years.

As a result, she believes the recent £250 million it secured in funding will "fuel another period of fast expansion of both our network and team".

"Hyperoptic's successful growth is not just great for us – ultimately it means that we can Gigabit Britain faster."

Ms Tobak was speaking after the appointment of Boris Dragovic as Hyperoptic's new Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer.

"Hyperoptic is uniquely positioned in the UK broadband market," Mr Dragovic said.

"It has catalysed an industry-wide shift towards full-fibre and it has the first mover advantage to own a huge part of the market."

As a result, he believes the company has found itself "in the right place at the right time".

Mr Dragovic said he is therefore excited to ensure Hyperoptic makes the most of this opportunity and keeps a "firm hold of its entrepreneurial spirit".

Hyperoptic will use the £250 million of funding it secured from eight leading international banks to extend its full-fibre optic network to 50 towns and cities by 2019.

The company says this is the largest single investment in the UK for a full-fibre optic network provider, which is significant given that just three per cent of UK premises currently have access to fibre-to-the-premises connections.

Credits | USwitch


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