Three has confirmed it will no longer restrict the amount of data users can download when they use their phone as a mobile broadband hotspot.

Telecoms provider Three is making it easier for consumers to take advantage of mobile broadband capabilities after it removed usage caps for tethering from its 4G mobile plans.

Tethering involves essentially turning a phone into a broadband router by making it a Wi-Fi hotspot, which other devices can then use to access the internet via the phone's 4G signal. 

It may be particularly useful for customers living in areas where mobile data can offer faster speeds than fixed-line broadband.

Until now, most operators have placed restrictions on how much data their customers are able to download when using tethering, because home users typically have far higher usage than mobile-only users.

Three, for instance, previously set a limit of 30GB of tethering usage per month on its 'all-you-can-eat' unlimited data plans.

However, reports that the operator has now removed these restrictions, which will allow customers to take advantage of their full mobile data allowance on any Wi-Fi-enabled device.

Significantly, this includes unlimited data plans, with a spokesman for Three telling the publication: "We can confirm that the limit has been removed on all-you-can-eat plans."

The firm's website added: "If you’re taking out one of our plans, you can use all of your data allowance as a Personal Hotspot in the UK."

Credits | USwitch


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