TalkTalk, one of the last remaining phone providers to offer free call blocking, is to begin charging £2 a month for the service from November.

Broadband and phone provider TalkTalk will begin applying an additional £2 a month charge for phone customers who want to automatically block cold callers.

The fee will apply from November 1st for any customer who wishes to opt in to the Anonymous Caller Reject feature, the Sun reports. This service screens incoming calls and blocks those from nuisance callers and scammers who try to conceal their numbers.

According to TalkTalk, the feature successfully stopped 147,000 calls a week in 2017.

Until now, the company was one of only two remaining home phone providers that offered the service for free – alongside SSE – having previously scrapped charges in 2014.

At the same time, the provider will also start charging customers another £2 a month for its Call Divert Service, which lets you forward calls to another number.

A spokesperson for TalkTalk told the Sun that the firm is always investing in its broadband network, products and services in order to offer customers the best possible experience.

"While making such improvements has meant that the pricing of some calling features has changed, we still offer a suite of other features for free while other major providers charge for them," they added.

Consumers who currently use the service for free can opt out to avoid the new charges by logging into their online account.

Credits | USwitch


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