Prototype shown off at company’s developers conference.

Samsung has finally shown off its foldable smartphone, following months of speculation about the game-changing handset.

The company revealed all during a keynote at the start of its developers conference in San Francisco.

The device, which has yet to be named, features a main, 7.3–inch display which can be folded in half, with one side of its rear cover converting into a smaller smartphone.

It’s a phone… It’s a tablet… It’s a phone that unfolds into a tablet! #SDC18

The tech behind the phone is dubbed Infiniti Flex Display, with Samsung promising to start mass production in “a matter of months.” That means we could see it become available around the same time as the new Galaxy S10, expected next February.

While images from the developers conference suggest the device will be somewhat bulky, Samsung was at pains to point out that it had ‘disguised’ the phone’s design. When its execs revealed the phone, they did so with the on–stage lights dimmed.

Developers were told that up to three apps could run at the same time on the phone, while Samsung also brought out Google staffers to encourage developers to work on new add–ons designed specifically for the product.

Huawei and Lenovo are also expected to launch foldable phones in 2019. And with Google’s backing, such products may not wind up being the gimmicks so many think they are.

Credits | USwitch


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