Five different looks being weighed up by Korean tech giant.

Samsung’s Galaxy F foldable phone may not look the same as the prototype it showed to developers earlier this month, with the tech giant said to be weighing up a number of different designs.

A new report from Korean media claims that KH Vatec, the company making the hinge which allows the device’s screen to open and shut, has given Samsung five different models to choose from.

One is thought to be based on an old–style flip phone. The prototype seen at the Samsung Developer Conference folded from a landscape–oriented tablet into a smaller, 5–inch candy bar smartphone.

Samsung was careful not to give away any design secrets during the device’s unveiling last week, covering the Galaxy F in a special case and dimming the lights on stage to further obscure it.

Reports earlier this week said that Samsung could charge as much as £1,350 for the foldable phone, with plans to make it available from next March. That would allow it to focus on its Galaxy S10, which is due to be revealed during Mobile World Congress at the end of February.


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