But only in buildings the search giant has mapped.

Find My Device, Google’s app for tracking your smartphone or tablet when it’s been lost or misplaced, can now track down missing devices indoors.

An update to the core Android app now means users who lose their phone can try and geolocate it, as well as make it ring remotely.

There’s a major snag, however. Indoor tracking will only work in buildings that Google has mapped.

That’s great if you’ve lost your handset in a shopping mall or airport, not so good if it’s gone walkabout in an office or at home.

The fact Google can’t be accurate in all buildings is down to GPS’s limitations.

GPS still only works solidly outdoors, so tracking a phone that’s lost inside is still best done by listening out for its ringtone when you ring it from another phone.

The update comes at a busy time for Google, as it launches its Digital Wellbeing app for Google Pixel devices running Android Pie. The tech giant is looking to boost its software offering as it battles Apple’s iOS 12 for supremacy.



Credits | USwitch


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