Tech giant patents three names for forthcoming smartphone.

LG has patented three different names for its own–brand foldable phone, filings with the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office reveal.

The newly discovered documents show that LG is considering calling its device the Flex, Foldi or Duplex.

The latter has caught the attention of mobile industry-watchers, as it tallies with a previous patent for a device that has two batteries and two headphone slots, as well as two screens.

The news comes just a day after Huawei trademarked four different names for its folding phone, which is expected out in Korea next spring.

The Chinese mobile-maker is set to call its device the Flex, Flexi, F or Fold, all under its existing Mate brand.

LG is said to be developing folding screens for other manufacturers, but is set to make its own foray into the market in 2019.

Whether it can take on the might of Samsung’s already-unveiled Galaxy F and Huawei’s device remains to be seen.

It's thought that Apple is waiting to see how folding phones are received by consumers before making its own plans.


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