Chinese mobile maker teases plans for device to rival Samsung and Huawei.

Oppo, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has teased plans for its own foldable smartphone.

The company’s product manager Chuck Wang told reporters, “We know Samsung and Sony are working on a foldable phone, you can also expect more news from Oppo on that topic, maybe at MWC (Mobile World Congress.”

No more details were offered, but with Huawei also said to have patented a foldable phone, it makes sense for Oppo to try and grab some attention in what will doubtless be a crowded field.Samsung has already teased its Galaxy F, with the folding phone being shown off at its developers conference in San Francisco in early November.

Huawei is expected to offer its foldable phone in Korea first, according to recent reports, as it looks to take advantage of the country’s rapid 5G network.

Google’s backing for folding phones in future versions of Android means that 2019 is likely to be dominated by the devices. One major player who is likely to wait, however, is Apple. The California company is expected to wait until 2020 at the earliest before launching its own version.


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Credits | USwitch


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