Many gamers in the UK are frequently frustrated by slow download speeds and poor-quality connections, a new report says.

Gamers up and down the UK are having their enjoyment ruined by poor-quality broadband that isn't able to meet their needs, a new report has claimed.

Research by CityFibre found more than half of gamers (54 per cent) have had an online experience affected by connectivity issues such as lag. What's more, 45 per cent even claimed they have lost a match as a direct result of this. 

Overall, two-thirds of respondents said that a poor quality internet connection interrupts their gaming at least once a week, with six out of ten saying that were unable to fully enjoy their game due to this.

It's not just laggy connections that are causing problems for gamers. Slow speeds mean Brits spend large amounts of time simply waiting for their games to download or update, and as games get bigger and more people turn to digital downloads ahead of physical copies, this problem is only set to get worse.

For instance, two of this month's biggest releases – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 – both come in at over 100GB in size. This means that if users were to download the 105GB Red Dead Redemption 2 using an average UK broadband connection of 18.57Mbps, it would take them more than 12 and a half hours just to download the game.

Survey respondents said they spend more than six and a half days a year waiting for games to update, as well as over two and a half days a year for games or expansion packs to download. 

CityFibre Director of Strategy and Public Affairs Mark Collins commented: "It's clear that gamers want better connectivity because it will give them negligible latency, symmetry of connection and great reliable speed.

"As the limits of our ageing infrastructure are reached, gamers will become increasingly frustrated with the services they are able to access. This could present a major threat to the sector's ability to grow, and UK gamers' ability to play."

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